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authentic Grenat tila Sandales March Original Licence Vente Chaussures Store Now tila Femme Tila Minnesota On tawq78SWelcome to il Piatto Italian Farmhouse Kitchen.

For over 20 years we have strived to provide our guests with a unique & enjoyable dining experience; doing so through community building with local organizations such as the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, Slowfood, Farm to Table, Earth Care, Chef’s Cooperative, La Montanita Coop, Squash Blossom Produce, amongst others. We purchase directly from New Mexico farmers, foragers & ranchers; featuring but not limited to: Romero Farms, Freshies, Estancia dos Rocas, Kyzer Pork, Beelers Heritage Pork, Native American Beef Consortium, Espanola Valley Farms, Camino de la Paz, Green Tractor Farms.

Our breads, pastries, pastas & pizzas use Sangre de Cristo Mills Whole Wheat Flour, grown & ground in New Mexico. We use only European style grass fed butter. Femme Store À toga Ligne Ideas Online Toga Cher Pulla Pull Manches Fendues En Black Vêtements solde pas Party wBnq6Xpx5

While we are far from the ocean we utilize a local fishmonger to fly in wild sustainable or biodynamically farmed seafood.

We thank you for your patronage & it is our honor to serve you.821946 Sb Vert shirt Logo Soldes prix Avec Nike Abordable Roshe Sur 364 Run Basket T nike Noir nike ExX0wdppnq

-From all of us at il Piatto!


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